Dressed For Success: The Ultimate Business Attire Guide For Professionals

How is it that your attire will have so much to do with the final outcome of your business meeting or conference? Why is it that we attach so much importance to how a person looks physically? Because human beings are visual and we pay attention to what we see and also what we hear as well. The way that you look at work or at a client meeting will tell the other person how serious you are about your job and what kind of professionalism you have even though you feel that going in a t-shirt and jeans will help relax the ambiance and get your client in a fun mood, this is not the case. Yes, they will enjoy your company but whether they will close the business deal with you is another matter.

Customized clothing is always the best

You can easily purchase business apparel online and in stores nowadays. All you have to do is fit on a few and decide what suits you the best. However did you know that wearing something made just for you, by a bespoke tailor can really help you out? Yes, the cost incurred will be more but it is better to invest your money on some high-quality tailor made suits Bangkok and unique attire that will increase the professional look in you as opposed to buying several sets of attire that lack quality and style.

Colours and fabric designs

A good tailor at Narry Bespoke Co., Ltd. will advise you against picking anything too flashy for your office attire. The solid and conservative colour scheme still remains as the most accepted up to date. Try to pick colours such as white, grey, navy, beige, black and light pink if you must. When it comes to patterns, always go for designs like pinstripes only. Polka dots, tropical and floral prints will not work well for a professional environment. Even when attending business cocktails, if you cannot find something that complements the event, just go all black.

Ensembles and pants

Pants are an accepted choice but make sure that they have a high quality finish and are always ironed with a neat and sharp crease. Denims and cotton fabrics are the worst possible choices for your business ensemble while corduroy, twill and khaki are all generally considered good choices of materials. Wool and blends of wool are also accepted when it comes to business apparel but various synthetics such as polyester and rayon are not. None of your clothes should carry any wrinkles at all and they must never be too long so that you unintentionally are sweeping the floor with it. No matter how well maintained and fit you are always remember to not wear anything that is figure hugging. Have a little space between your body and the material, but do not go too baggy either.